Legacy Portraits

A Celebration of Love and a Life Well Lived

In my 27 years as a professional photographer, my philosophy has been that everyone deserved, no needed, a visual statement of their life for posterity. I have created a few such images by design and far too many by accident. Most usually, people tell me “If only we had called you sooner.”

It is time I put my philosophy into action.

Even though I am blessed to be very busy in my profession, I want to set aside time to create very special portraits for those facing the end of their life. This is meant to be a celebration of what made their life have meaning, nothing maudlin. Everyone has a story to tell and to be remembered by.

I will do these as my time and finances allow.

The portraits created will be artistic and sensitive The selection of the recipients will be a heart decision … mine and the person selected.
There will be no cost at all to the person or family chosen.

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Lorraine was a world traveler all of her life. She believed that experiencing the other cultures in the world was really “living”.

Lorraine loved playing the piano. Her frequent parties always featured her piano magic as entertainment!

She was well know in philanthropic circles in Sevier County having been on the Board of Directors of many charities and donated much of her time to Relay for Life, the Boys and Girls Club and as a volunteer at Leconte Medical Center.

Her love of people and putting that love into action earns her a Legacy Portrait.



Sande, seated in the middle, was well know in Sevier County as an entertainer and business woman.

This group of ladies are affectionately known as “The YumYums” and Sande was an integral part. She loved these ladies and they loved her. They are all business and civic leaders and anywhere you see an event to raise funds and awareness for a great cause, you will find one or several of them.

It just seemed natural to feature this group as a statement of her Legacy.

Sande is profoundly missed by her family and friends, but in the YumYum’s portrait, she lives on.

As Seen on WBIR.com Channel 10

See More Legacy Portraits and
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