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Button Noses, Pretty Poses Baby Plan: Nothing is more rewarding than capturing the first year in a baby’s new life. The circle of life begins with a
Maternity Portrait, followed by the New Born Portrait and Portrait sessions every three months til that all important first birthday!
A baby’s first year is one of rapid growth and developing personality!

Families: Families are the foundation of our society. As such, we put great importance on creating a Family Portrait that illustrates the values, the love
and the aspirations the family holds dear. Each Family Portrait created is as different as each family they capture.

High School Seniors: A high school senior is a curious mix of young adult and fading child. Many of their lifelong values are being set at this time.
They are more worldly than ever before and, as such, their portraits should be unique to them. A High School Senior Portrait should showcase their
individuality and give them something they themselves can be proud to show off at the family home and the home they choose when they move out.

Pets: Our “fur babies”, or whatever they are covered with, are family to us. They are usually not with us for the full duration of our lifetimes, so at some
point a great portrait is in order. Don’t forget those who can’t speak up and say “What about ME?”

Toddlers to Teens: In most children’s lives, the ages from 2 years to 16 years are often the most neglected in children’s portraiture. This is a time when
personalities are developing and the youngster’s view of their place in the world is being formed. There is no greater time than this time to display a
portrait in your home to show them and the world your love for them!

Weddings, Engagements and Bridal Portraiture: If the family is the cornerstone of society, the beginnings of a new family are the building blocks.
A couple needs to start their life together with portraits and albums that capture the flowering of romance and the two becoming one.



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